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The Creators

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GRANT LAFLECHE - Writer/Creator:

Grant LaFleche is an award winning crime journalist from Canada and life-long comic book nut. Grant has been working in daily newspapers since 1996, spending the last seven years working for the St.Catharines Standard in Ontario. His investigative work and narrative style have earned him eight Ontario Newspaper Award nominations and a National Newspaper Award nomination, the most prestigious journalism award in Canada. His recent true crime, noir series titled Homicide for Osprey News Media has been a critical success. He is also the writer/creator of BY THE BLADE.

Visist Grant's other comic's project - BY THE BLADE

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Garry Brown is a professional artist from the U.K.with a distinctive, dark and vivid story telling style that brings a script to life. He is currently involved in freelance art work and anything comic related he can get his hands on.

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Thomas White is a professional letterer from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is currently lettering several titles notably, Orion the Hunter and Victoria's Secret Service for ALIAS Comics. His own series Soul Rest is currently in production and he is currently writing a new TOP-SECRET project called The Quest with Author R. Lenard Brown.

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